...handcrafted ceramic 100% ecological... ...please visit our workshop in Thrapsano... ...over 52 years’ experience in the field... ...the ancient art of ceramics...

 My first steps in the world of pottery were back in 1985 when I inherited the family tradition at the side of old and established potters who were specialized in jars crafting. After 13 years of continuous hard work and creation I decided to establish my own workshop. Since 1998 I create in my own workshop respecting the tradition along with the ancient art of pottery. At the year 2003-2004 participated together with 40 French potters at the international festival in Normandy of France. The year 2004 participated at the international pottery festival of Rethymno of Crete as representative of Cretan pottery working alongside with potters from various countries such as France, China, India, Ethiopia and Peru. My products based on Cretan clay which is shaped on my wheel following the roots of the true ancient tradition. The unique colourations of our ceramics are offered by the usage of wood-kiln. The vast range our products is exported to Holland, Great Britain, Denmark, United States and Belgium.With respect to tradition, the ancient art and the environment. We waiting you in my workshop to see closely our creations.

George Koutrakis